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Backpacking GCNP R2R2R - The Video!

The first time I saw "dreams of mountains, as in their sleep they brood on things eternal" at El Tovar Lodge in the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim I didn't think much of it, but I was slightly intrigued by what it meant. On my last trip there I saw it again, so this time I looked it up. I absolutely loved the excerpt below and I feel it was fitting to share here. This video recaps our trip to the Grand Canyon, from the drive there to the last picture we took before leaving the park at Mather Point. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the trip.

"Long may the visitor loiter upon the verge, powerless to shake loose from the charm, tirelessly intent upon the silent transformations until the sun is low in the west. Then the canyon sinks into mysterious purple shadow, the far Shinumo Altar is tipped with a golden ray, and against a leaden horizon the long line of the Echo Cliffs reflects a soft brilliance of indescribable beauty, a light that, elsewhere, surely never was on sea or land. Then darkness falls, and should there be a moon, the scene in part revives in silver light, a thousand spectral forms projected from inscrutable gloom; dreams of mountains, as in their sleep they brood on things eternal."

C. A. Higgins ~ Titan of Chasms

The Grand Canyon of Arizona

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