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Cooking Show 4th of July Edition - Part 4: Deviled Eggs

I really like deviled eggs but I didn’t know how easy it is to make them until one year we spent Thanksgiving in Big Bear and I learned from my friend Becky’s then partner how to make them. I was like “that’s it?!” I used to think it took a lot of work to make them so I often purchased them already made, but once I learned how easy they are to make, I’ve made them quite often. This time, however, I tried something different! I used Greek yogurt instead of mayo (again, with my #FatPeopleProblems, ha!) and let me just say, they were delicious!!! I think the Greek yogurt made them a little tangy and that was a very welcome change as they tasted great! How do you make deviled eggs? Did you know it’s super easy to make them?! Even easier if you purchase your eggs already hard boiled and peeled ;-) Please enjoy our video and please subscribe to our channel – it is greatly appreciated!!!

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