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COVID-19 Quarantine Day 29 04132020:

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

It’s officially been four weeks of this quarantine – self-quarantine I guess, I’m using that term lightly – not a month to the date, that’ll be on Thursday, but four weeks. So, here’s a little recap of what’s been going on for us. Enjoy!

In the past four weeks, not a lot has changed in my household other than Jacob working from home (which started four weeks ago and this marks his fifth week of #WFH). I’m still being lazy AF and most days I’m in pajamas – unless I change into PT gear to get a workout in and then I shower and get back in pajamas. Jacob gets up to “go to work” every morning (all the way upstairs!) and I sleep in. On weekends we both sleep in – it’s glorious! We’ve also gone for a walk every Saturday, Jacob and I together; short walk, but it’s something just so that he doesn’t forget what physical activity feels like!

In the past four weeks we’ve gone to the grocery store five times and to BevMo also five times – and no, they weren’t on the same trip every time, although some were. It seems we tend to drink more these days because we have nothing else to do, so we drink. Ha! At least we’re not drinking at a bar where it’d be more expensive. I’m sure Jacob is enjoying the savings and, I gotta say, I might come out of this quarantine with some money saved up too!

In the past four weeks we’ve done food delivery once and take out twice. That’s three meals in four weeks – crazy! Normally we’d eat out at least twice a week so that’s been reduced by more than 50% so far and I’m okay with it! I think that’s the main difference for us, that we’ve been doing a lot of cooking at home. Yes, we – as in both of us. I do most of the cooking but Jacob helps with the prepping. Not that we didn’t cook before, we always have, but now we cook a lot more so that’s definitely a change.

In the past four weeks, Jacob and I have had one fight and it was about two weeks ago. I can’t even remember what it was about, honestly, but it was probably something dumb. We squashed that shit before it got anywhere because we can’t afford to be mad at each other these days. I’ve seen a lot of memes talking about how this quarantine is going to make or break relationships and, I have to say, I believe that. So far we’re good, and I think it’s because we’re able to do our own thing and we keep to ourselves, so we’ve managed to make it work. Plus, Jacob is a saint! He knows how to put up with me and give me the attention I crave when I get needy. At the risk of sounding like one of the memes I’ve seen going around the interwebs, I’m gonna say it: I’m blessed.

In the past four weeks I’ve logged over 34 miles between walking and running. That’s not counting the 10k I did (on a treadmill!) because the St. Patrick’s Day 10k was cancelled two days before I went into this self-quarantine which would put me at 40+ miles in the past month. Some might say, “Those are rookie numbers.” I know, I know…But at least I’m doing something!

In the past four weeks I’ve done 10 days of at-home workouts. I’m not a fan, like, at all, but Jess suggested this app that has free workouts and some of them are as short as 5 minutes, so we did their 21-day program called 2020 Fitness Challenge. I doubled (and tripled) up on some days and managed to finish their program. I might consider doing more - I haven’t decided. Chances are I won’t, honestly, but if I get super bored, I just might.

In the past four weeks we’ve tried really hard to go out only if strictly necessary. Our quarantine cohort is the Gardner family, as we’ve gone to their house so I can watch the kids and Jacob helped out with moving some stuff. We’ve gone to the post office twice, to the MCX once, and the Costco gas station once. As I said earlier, we’ve done take out twice, so one time it was to LTH – during a trip to the grocery store and BevMo, three birds with one shot there! – and the other time Jacob stopped by Rookies on his way home from the Gardner’s. Other than that, we’ve been home all day, every day. We did go to Baskin’ Robbins on the 31st because that’s a tradition that we try to do every month that has 31 days. So, in the hopes of keeping some normalcy, we went. It was empty – only us and the attendants. We got our ice cream and came home.

In the past four weeks I’ve only needed to get gas once!!! That’s so amazing! Hahaha! I mean, there had to be a silver lining, right? The last time I filled up was when we got back from AZ and it was almost a month before I had to fill up again – impressive! Oh, and gas was only $2.39 at Costco – it was wonderful! I almost got premium gas since it was only $2.59! Hahaha!

In the past four weeks I’ve neither gained nor lost any weight. I’m happy I haven’t gained weight and I can’t really complain that I haven’t lost any because I haven’t been trying to do anything to lose weight. I’m drinking more as I said earlier, and even though my eating is better, because I know what’s going in my body since we’re cooking every meal, I’m still snacking like a champ and sitting on my fatass all day – ha! I know I just said I’ve logged over 40 miles and done some at home workouts, but you wouldn’t believe it if you randomly stopped by (which isn’t allowed so don’t!) and saw me on the couch in pajamas at pretty much any hour of the day. I guess that’s what people call “balance” hahaha!

In the past four weeks I’ve done two Amazon online orders, one of which was my Quarantine Present to myself (more pajamas!) and one which I’ll be reimbursed for, so I don’t feel too bad. I also returned some phone cases to Amazon that didn’t work for our new phones, so I definitely don’t feel bad for buying a microplane that I saw the chefs from Bon Appetit had on their Test Kitchen YouTube channel. Although, I still want a frother – ugh! I guess I’ll be placing another order soon!

In the past four weeks I’ve done more videochatting than I’ve done in my entire life! I’ve gotten to “see” my mom and my friends in Texas, Canada, and here in San Diego County. We’ve done lots of talking, played drinking games together, had coffee dates, or some drinks for our own virtual happy hour. It’s been great to be able to keep in touch with them thanks to technology. As someone as social as I am, I need this, and I am so thankful for my friends who join in on the fun every now and then. Seriously y’all – thank you!

In the past four weeks a lot has changed for a lot of people. A lot has changed in the world, in the country, and in the state of California due to COVID-19. There are almost 2 million cases in the world: over half a million in the US, over 20,000 in California, and almost 2,000 in San Diego County. My heart breaks for the people who are suffering, but I am doing my part and hoping and praying this goes away soon. I know this is hard on all of us, and on some of us is harder than on others, but I also know that we can and we will get through this. We just gotta abide by the rules and do what we can to help flatten the curve. I’m here if anyone wants to talk. Stay healthy and safe!

(please note: the numbers above are as of the morning of 13 April 2020)

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