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COVID-19 Quarantine Day 57 – 05112020:

Well, here we are again, another four weeks have passed and California is still “closed” for business! It has been eight weeks total so far and no end in sight. From what I’ve read on the news, our state is opening back up in phases. I don’t know much about what that means because the things I want to open up aren’t open yet, so that’s what I’m waiting for – movie theaters, gyms, my aesthetician, and nail salons. Of course, I can do without all of that (I have thus far) but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them. Besides, I know my aesthetician could really use the money! I recently read an article that quoted our governor saying that COVID-19 community spread started at a nail salon, so I think that means I won’t be getting a pedicure anytime soon! At least not here in Cali!

So what have I been doing since my last COVID-19 blog? Well, to start off, I’m writing this blog from the comfort of the Welk Resort San Diego. I had been doing well staying home, until last week when Jess mentioned that she was going camping and I was like “oh camping – an outside to hang out at!” and started to look for camping spots. Among the search results for “camping near me” the Welk Resort San Diego came up (which let me tell you, it’s not a campsite! Ha!), and after consulting with Jacob, I booked it! Yes, I finally had enough and we got out of the house a couple of days ago for a mini getaway. And yes, I’m aware I’m only 20 minutes away from home, but I’m away and that’s what’s important. I got tired of being at home all day, every day. We don’t have a backyard or a patio, so it’s either upstairs (living room) or downstairs (bedroom) for us, and that’s it. I know, at first I was all about it – you can quote me saying “I was made for this quarantine!” and it’s still true…but I really needed a change of scenery. I needed an “outside” to hang out at; I really just needed a little break from the house. And when we go back, I’ll be able to handle it again just fine. We are keeping our social distance from everyone around here since we're mostly in the villa – which has a good size balcony to hang out at, if we so desire. For now, I’m enjoying the air conditioning (something we also don’t have at home) and the long walks we can take around the property.

Not much else has changed really. Jacob is still working from home; today marks the beginning of his ninth week. I keep thinking he’ll be going back to the office but he never does. Ha! Not that I don’t want him at home – I do! – but I know it’s hard for him. Some days are definitely easier than others, but he’s getting the job done and that’s what matters.

I’m still cooking at home the majority of the time, trying new recipes and old. But we also got take out three times. Since we like helping local businesses, we got take out once from The Draft and once from URBN, but we also got some from CoCoICHIBANYA because it’s just delicious! The rest of the time we’ve been cooking, with a few exceptions here and there. I really don’t mind cooking actually; I find it entertaining. I even started a YouTube channel to showcase our adventures in the kitchen! If you haven’t seen it yet, please do! I’m sure you’ll enjoy our antics.

I’m proud to say that this time around, in the past four weeks I've logged over 60 miles!!! I know that’s not a lot, but I’m still happy. I also started a new training plan that I purchased online like two years ago. I figured it was finally time I put it to use. It’s a 12 week plan but it has a 4 week “pre training” plan, and that’s where I am right now. So far, it’s not too bad. I think I can deal with 14 more weeks of it. I hope! I’ve actually started to count calories again and I’ve lost some weight. Nothing to write home about, but hey – I just started, so all I care about right now is to have the will to stick to it and do well. Wish me luck! Everyone I’ve told so far has been very supportive in my efforts, and for that, I’m thankful.

I’ve definitely done more online shopping this time around – to include an order to Magnolia Market for some kitchen goodies that I’m super excited about. But at least that one was done with a gift card we got from Easter, so that’s good. I also ordered some pants from ZYIA and they are the most comfortable pants I’ve owned in a long time – it’s like I’m wearing pajamas, but I’m actually dressed like an adult. What?! Yes. I know. They’re that good.

We still go to BevMo and the grocery store about once a week, sometimes once every ten days or so. We still videochat with our friends every now and then, and I really love doing that! I like catching up with friends and if I can’t do that in person, then videochatting is definitely the way to go! We are still COVID-19 free (although, as I said before, I think Jacob already had it three months ago), and we are still following the rules. I think the main difference from four weeks ago to now is that this time we got gas twice in the past four weeks. Ha. That’s still not bad.

The numbers have more than doubled since my last blog about this. Now there are over 4 million COVID-19 cases worldwide, over a million in the US (1.379), over 60,000 in California (that number more than tripled!), and almost 5,000 in San Diego County – lucky for us, only about 30 of those are in my city. While this scares me a little, I know that we are doing what we’re supposed to do and that’s all that matters. I was recently “invited to join” a Facebook group called "Reopen California," and while I want California to reopen just as much as the next person, I don’t think we are ready. Not with these numbers and the upward trend so far. So for now, I’ll stay inside and follow the rules: I’ll keep wearing my mask when I go out in public, I’ll wash my hands, and use all the Clorox wipes possible.

I know this is difficult, and more difficult for some than others – but it is difficult for me too and I’m trying to make the best of it. When else do I get to have Jacob home all day, every day?! It’s the little things you know? And yes, I miss the gym (add this to the list of things I never thought I’d say!), the movie theater, and my Sunday brunches with unlimited mimosas, but hey – all that will be there when California opens again. We just gotta do our part and wait it out. Better be safe than sorry, right?

(please note: the COVID-19 numbers above are as of 11 May 2020)

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