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COVID-19 Quarantine Day 8 03242020:

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I probably should’ve started journaling a week ago, but I didn’t think we’d still be here today. When I say “here,” I mean following this “stay at home” order for the entire state of California. We’re not really quarantined - we haven’t been exposed to COVID-19 (thank God!) - but we’re definitely not isolated since we’re not sick so I’m using the term “quarantine” lightly, I suppose.

This past week has been interesting. Not a lot of changes for me as I’m always home anyway, but Jacob has been working from home since Monday 03162020. So, that’s definitely a change having him here all day every day while he is actually working and not just hanging out with me. I feel safe that he’s here, as opposed to possibly getting sick at his office which is practically a cesspool even without COVID-19, but at the same time, I think he might’ve already had COVID-19 last month. Who knows? I’m just a hypochondriac - we all know this.

I think the biggest change for me is that all the restaurants, breweries, bars, and wineries either closed or are only open for drive through, to go, or delivery orders. That went into effect on Monday 03162020 and we had just gone to the wineries in Temecula on Sunday – I felt like we got in just in time! The movie theaters closed on Tuesday 03172020 so we really have nothing to do now. Ha! A few days later, on Thursday 03192020, the Governor of California issued the Stay at Home order. We had already been staying home anyway since everything is closed so, like I said, not a lot of changes for me. Sadly, people here don’t fucking listen and literally a day or two after the stay at home order was in place, people were at the beach and at the trails and just living their best life like they were on vacation. FFS! So, now the beaches, parks, trails, and National Parks are closed too.

I hope we don’t have to be under this “stay at home” order much longer. I’m getting bored of doing nothing and, while I am loving that I have Jacob home with me all day every day, I do miss having the TV to myself so I can watch Friends. Ha! #TheLittleThings. The other day we got so bored we attempted to parallel park on the driveway - and succeeded!

The COVID-19 numbers in the state aren’t too terrible thus far and I am hoping California is doing this to prevent more cases (as in I hope this actually works out), but I guess only time will tell. I know that it’s going to get worse before it gets better but, until we know more, we just sit here and wait. I’ll close this for now hoping and praying that we get through this unscathed.

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