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COVID-19 Quarantine Day 85 – 06082020

Another 4 weeks to write about. Yes, it’s been 12 weeks since the day we were told that COVID-19 was a thing in California and we had to hunker down. Since then a lot has happened. Restaurants and gyms are opening up again, as well as places of worship and hair salons. Our stay at home order is still in effect, Jacob is still working from home (this is week 13 for him, y’all!), and masks are still required everywhere we go. I still forget mine sometimes and have to run back to the car to get it, but at least I always have it with me!

While some things are getting better, and I’m happy about that, I have to say that the thing that intrigues me the most is how different things are in other states. Here’s just one example: this past month I went to AZ to see Lainee because she was graduating high school – sadly she had to have a virtual graduation – and things in AZ are completely different than here in CA. Masks aren’t required anywhere, so some people wear them and some people don’t. Their nail salons are open – which aren’t here in CA as of today – and their stay at home order ended over two weeks ago. I just find that interesting, but I guess because something works for one state it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for another so we have to work with what we’ve got here, I suppose.

This is all getting to me lately – I had my second mental breakdown of COVID-19 last week – so these past four weeks I tried to somehow make my days better in any way possible. How did I do that, you may ask? Well, Jacob and I spent a few days away at the Welk Resort (I wrote from there during my last post update). I spent time with my only two friends I’ve hung out with this quarantine as often as I could (sorry if y’all are tired of me already!). I went to AZ to see Lainee and even brought her to CA for a few days – that definitely helped break the monotony if only for a moment! I got a pedicure while in AZ – what?! Yes, I did. It’s been 14 days since and I’m not sick sooo… Moving on! I read a few more books (thinking about doing a post on the books I’ve been reading, should I?). I enjoyed some yummy s'mores! I drove by Johey’s house to wish her a socially distanced happy birthday. I tackled my MURCA V50k with Jacob and Lainee and now they’re ultramarathoners too!!! I logged a lot more miles (over 76 miles this time!) and continued my at-home workouts. I attempted to make Dole Whip from scratch with Jess. I did a lot more cooking, but also some take out and eating at other places (like Islands and Park 101). And just this past Sunday I got dressed up and went out to brunch for the first time in three months! It was glorious!!! We went to Graze by Sam the Cooking Guy, and even though things are very different, it was definitely a welcome respite and I was happy.

Here are some photos...

S'mores by the fire with the Gardners.

Homemade Dole Whips at Jess's - and yes, they were delicious!

Lainee, Jacob, and I finishing the MURCA V50k!

Jacob and I finally out to Sunday brunch after three months!

Another thing that made me happy was having a movie night! It wasn’t just any movie night though; we actually watched a movie on a projector! I can’t say enough how much I miss going to the movie theater, so when Jess and Gordie got a projector and invited us over to watch a movie in their backyard, I was really, truly happy. I know I can watch a movie on our TV just fine, but it was a lot better with the projector and our dear friends. We had our blankets, drinks, snacks, and the weather was great. Overall, it was just the perfect movie night and I can’t wait to do it again – hopefully soon!

Movie Night at Jess's backyard :-)

Even though things are slowly getting back to normal, COVID-19 obviously hasn’t gotten that memo as the numbers definitely show an increase in cases since my last blog about this. The positive cases of COVID-19 worldwide is now over 6.8 million – almost 3 million more than 4 weeks ago. Out of those cases, 2 million cases are now in the US (up by 600k). California accounts for 131k of those cases (around 70k more than 4 weeks ago), San Diego County has 8345 cases (up by over 3000), and only 137 of those cases are in my city (up by 100). I’m sure it doesn’t help that we had Memorial Day a few days ago and a lot of people got together for it, as well as the multiple protests going on that continue to gather hundreds of people around the US – and the entire world – in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. I know this isn’t always the case, but people might have the best intention and not know they’re sick (or know they’re sick but still want to be a part of things) which in turn means other people get sick and COVID-19 keeps spreading, sadly.

It’s hard to imagine what everything will be like when this is all over, and when is all this going to be over anyway? No idea, but I’m trying to take things one day at a time. Will there be another update in four weeks? Stay tuned to find out!

(please note: the COVID-19 numbers above are as of 08 June 2020)

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