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Erin Condren Asterisk Cookies

I recently placed an order with Erin Condren (one of many!) and received a free gift with my purchase! When I opened my package, it had a small little box with an asterisk shaped cookie cutter and a sugar cookie recipe, as well as three labels - how cute! If you don't know Erin Condren (but why don't you?!), it is a stationary business originated in Hermosa Beach and it has personalized and custom planners, as well as notebooks, pens, cards, and a bunch of other stuff that I'm obsessed with.

I am huge into planning (most of which has gone to shit this year, but I'm leaving that for a different blog) and while I do use my phone calendar, I love having a paper planner where I can actually write things down. I used to buy my planners from a different locally owned company which will remain nameless (IYKYK), but they made a change that impacted a lot of customers and didn't notify us, and I was not thrilled with that, so I started looking for a different planner brand, and even though I'd heard of EC, I'd never purchased from them, so when I had this issue with that other company, I knew it was time to move over to EC and I haven't looked back since!

This isn't a commercial for EC and I'm not sponsored by them, but their planners - and all their products actually - are pretty amazing! I love that they have a brick and mortar store here in Irvine now, and I can't wait until I can go back and buy some more stuff!

There was some controversy this summer surrounding EC, and if you don't know about it you can read more about it here, but that's not what this post is about, so that's all I'm going to say about that.

Back to the cookies!!!

Jacob and I have cooked together a lot, we even baked banana bread once, but this was our first time baking cookies together and it was definitely a fun time. I was happy that he was so involved in the entire process! And the cookies turned out delicious! Our plan was to bring them over to some friends for them to enjoy, but we made so many that we got to enjoy some as well!

As I said in the video, we definitely won't be winning any cookie decorating contest, but it's the thought that counts, right? ;-) Enjoy our video and please, share and subscribe! It's greatly appreciated!!!

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