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Have You Ever Had A Chili Mac MRE?

When I was in the Marine Corps I developed a craving for the Chili Mac MRE. It was my favorite and whenever I had a choice or first pick from the box, I would go for it. Is it good? Eh...I don't think so now, but back then I would always try to get my hands on one! It is still the best flavor in my opinion, but other people think different. Besides, I've been out for so long, that I'm sure other flavors have come out by now that taste better. But alas, since I am not having a Chili Mac MRE, I decided to make chili mac at home! It really is a super easy meal to make, but you can make it better if you make your chili from scratch instead of using a can of chili like we did. Personal preference. I've done both and to me, it's all the same because I like chili regardless. So we made chili mac for dinner and it was delicious! We also made a couple drinks to enjoy with dinner ;-) I hope you like our video! Please subscribe to our channel - it's greatly appreciated!!!

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