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How Do You Make Macaroni Salad?

Here’s my question for you: how do YOU make macaroni salad? I’d never made macaroni salad before and when I looked it up, there are so many different versions of it online, and Jacob knew a different version as well, so I resorted to asking my friends about it. The consensus is that everyone adds celery, so that’s good. But some add cheese, some make theirs with tuna, and one doesn’t like mayo, so her “macaroni salad” is more like a pasta salad. So, I decided to try a little bit of everything I gathered from everyone to make ours very much unique! It was actually delicious, and while it is a lot of calories, it’s a good enough serving size for a meal, so it’s really not bad. Adding ham, cheese, green peas, and even jalapeno was a great idea! Do you add any of these ingredients to yours? Please enjoy our video as we make macaroni salad for the very first time! And please subscribe to our channel, we are trying to grow our channel so your help is greatly appreciated!!!

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