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Kodiak Protein Flapjacks - Like Pancakes, With Protein!

Tonight I got a sudden craving for pancakes for dinner! It was totally random because I already had a completely dinner planned for tonight, but since we had this Kodiak Protein Flapjacks mix in the pantry, we decided this was going to be dinner and it was a great idea! You get a special treat in this video: Jacob is cooking tonight!!! These flapjacks (which we refer to as "pancakes" throughout the entire video) are super quick and easy to make, and they are absolutely delicious! They have 14g of protein just in the mix, but if you substitute the water for milk, you get 18g instead! And if you add an egg, you get 21g!!! That's a good amount of protein on some flapjacks!!! We didn't have milk, so we decided to make them the easiest way by just using water this time. Next time we'll try with milk and or an egg! I hope y'all enjoy the show!

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