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Our First Special Guest On The Cooking Show!

I know it's been a while since I've blogged, and it's also been a while since I've posted a YouTube video, but alas - here is a new video for you all to enjoy! We went to Johey's house for Labor Day weekend (I know, #LatePost) and she had decorated her house for my birthday!!! I was so happy! It was still a little early, but because I wasn't going to see her on my actual birthday, she went all out and even cooked me dinner! She had asked me ahead of time what I wanted her to cook for me, and that's a no brainer: her Dominican Dinner! She makes the best arroz con gandules, carne guisada, and tostones that I've ever had!!! I love when she makes that because it is definitely one of my favorite meals. Before she started cooking I asked her if she was willing to be my guest on the cooking show and she agreed, so here it is, for everyone's viewing pleasure! It was an amazing dinner, we all had a great weekend, and I cannot wait for more fun times with my BFF!

Please subscribe to our channel - it is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!

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